Regina Townsend

Health Blogger and Infertility Advocate.


Regina Townsend is a professional youth librarian, health blogger and infertility advocate.  She is passionate about bringing light to the struggle of infertility in the African American community and believes in connecting people to the resources they need to make informed health decisions.  Her Players 2 & 3 are husband Jahbari, and their long-awaited son, Judah. 

As a blogger and infertility advocate, Regina uses words and outreach to provide support and resources to those who have been affected by reproductive health difficulties and their mental, social, and emotional impacts.  Regina believes in providing representation, compassion, and transparency.  As a member of the Board of Directors for Fertility Within Reach,  Regina hopes to help provide families and individuals with the tools that they need to become empowered in their journeys toward parenthood, while also being able to look at advocacy efforts through the minority lens.