Sara Vogel

Bundle of Joy

The infertility diagnosis was the biggest unexpected surprise for Sara Vogel when she tried to conceive.  There had to be a reason, why being a totally healthy 41 year old woman would be faced with the need of in-vitro fertilization in order to complete her family.

Today, Sara has a beautiful 12 year old daughter who only brings her joy. Besides the success of the IVF procedure, her fertility “gave birth” to Bundles of Joy,LLC, an agency that has helped couples Nationally and Internationally complete their families as well.

Sara treats each case with passion and excitement.  She is prepared to manage the entire process from doctors, lawyers, psychologists, gestational carrier, egg donation, etc, or just the portion of the process that you need. 

Originally born in Lima, Peru, Sara has embraced the American Dream and shares her warm Latin heart with everybody who meets her, and especially the surrogates and intended arents who are lucky to work with Bundles of Joy.

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