Pele Chen

Naturally Healing, Inc.

After going through her own personal detoxification journey for the past ten years reversing diseases such as fibrocystic breasts, swollen lymph nodes, fibroids, tonsillitis, flu’s, colds, fevers, endometriosis, migraines, cavities,  gastroenteritis, colitis, insomnia and so many more, she studied with Dr Robert Morse, Naturopathic Doctor and follow his health program.

The goal is to teach you to restore your own health through GOD’s Laws of Nature, relying on “fruits and botanicals of the earth” to heal, rejuvenate, revitalize your organs and strengthen your body as a whole.  Also learn which foods destroy the body and improve the eliminatory system all the while removing obstructions from within the body.


Also founder of facebook interactive group   “NATURALLY HEALING, INC”

Improving lives one at a time.

Teaching how to alkalize, detoxify, rejuvenate and energize the body and so much more! Learn how to make smoothies and juices online!



youtube profiles – Mijan812, Pele Chen & Naturally Healing Inc