Spencer Lott & Amari Garnes

Love & Peace Wellness Center

 Love and Peace Wellness (LPW) is a brand new wellness center located in the Lauderhill area. The Mission is to raise health awareness in the community through holistic alternative methods with a vision of a healthier South Florida community with less chronic and mental illnesses. LPW is has had their soft opening and is preparing for their grand opening this upcoming summer 2019. Follow them on any social media platform and be sure to check out the website to get more info. 

We are an alternative and holistic wellness center that specializes in Womb Care Cycling, Sound Healing, and Doula Services. Womb Care Cycling is a program that consists of 5 different components: 
 1. Vaginal Steaming
(Uses beneficial dry and fresh herbs to help rejuvenate the women's spirit, Ph balance and also helps to restore the female reproductive system back to regularity. This helps assist with issues such as bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, cysts, fibroids, fertility, polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, mucus and blood clot buildup.)
 2. Vaginal Detox 
 (consists of herbal tampons that are inserted into the vagina. It helps to cleanse the womb by eliminating the old tissue cells and toxins while creating new tissue cells. This method also helps to remove mucus buildup and blood clots that were left over from the previous period. The vaginal detox also helps with shrinking cysts and fibroids and if done enough times can help reverse  
 3.Yoni Yoga 
This is the use of a crystal egg inserted into the vagina that helps oxygenate, tighten and tone the female reproductive system with a series of various isolated stretches and exercises to help strengthen the womb.) 

4. Doula Services      

Help to provide emotional needs of a women in labor and to help her make sure she is prepared to birth her baby. Services are offered pre and post natal and specifically to      a mothers needs. The program consists of  stretching, affirmations, breathing classes, lactation coaching and active laboring services.

5. Sound and Vibration Therapy
This uses aspects of sounds and vibration to improve your physical and emotional health and well-being. various sound instruments such as drums, gongs, chimes tuning forks  singing bowls and binaural beats and tones are used  to relax the mind and help alleviate stress, anxiety, depression and many other mental and physical imbalances. This  service directly contributes to the health of the client by helping them to focus within and heal themselves spiritually and physically.  

Additional services include: Infrared light therapy, crystal healing, reiki, life and nutritional coaching and guided meditation. 

We will be conducting demonstrations throughout the duration of the event at our table. We will not need any additional materials for our setup other than a table and 2 chairs. We will also be bringing a massage table that will be used to give complimentary binary beat sessions and products that we sell from our center. 

We are looking forward toward this grand event and if you have any additional questions for us or concerns please feel free to email or call us.

Spencer Lott  
Spencer Lott is a Certified Level 1 Sound and Vibration Therapist at Love and Peace Wellness Center (LPW). He has been practicing as a therapist professionally for 2+ years and has been studying the effects of sound on the Mind, Body and Spirit for over 10 Years. He found a passion for sound through music at the age of 4 years old when he played a bongo drum for the first time. It was then that he found his calling and noticed how music and sound affected him so profoundly. Through the years he has played over 5 different instruments and has also started a music career making alternative jazz and soul music. Spencer wanted to dig deeper into sound than just the surface level of what we hear through the speakers. He wanted to know why sound affects us this way and how he can utilize these findings to help others overcome mental and physical illnesses. His first experiment was on himself when he was stricken with illness at the age of 25 and had no answers from the conventional western medical system. Through the use of sound therapy, herbs and other holistic methods he was able to fully recover and came out stronger and healthier than before. After seeing these  results Spencer became inspired to educate and demonstrate to others the ability of sound to heal. Spencer offers private and group sound therapy sessions as well as near infrared light, vibration therapy and light therapy at LPW. Spencers favorite quote is "Everything is vibration so why not create a good vibe for yourself" 

Amari Garnes
Amari Garnes is a Certified Yoni Steam Practitioner and Doula at Love and Peace Wellness Center (LPW). She has been working with women's health for 3+ years and has been  studying the health of wombs since 2007. Amari found her passion for women's reproductive health for the first time while on vacation in Denver Colorado in 2014. She was inside  "Herbs and Arts" which is a crystal and herbs store in Denver when she noticed a yoni steaming package. This sparked curiosity and from there she began to seek more information about yoni steaming and womb wellness.  She took the next year to study the yoni and during this time received her first yoni egg and did her first yoni detox with detox pearls. After feeling the transformational effects of the steaming, yoni eggs and detoxing she then decided to combine these three methods deeming it "Womb Care Cycling" and began to educate other women on the techniques and benefits. Amari offers private and group vaginal steaming, and yoni yoga sessions. She also offers Doula services in which she has already helped 3 women successfully conceive and birth healthy happy babies. Amari's mission is to "Heal one womb at a time for generations to come"