Flora Beal

Our Kids


Private adoptions can be very expensive, and they do not come with any guarantees.  They often don’t offer post-adoption  support, guidance or assistance.   Adopting a child from foster care can be challenging but it also comes a many benefits like an adoption subsidy, support groups, Medicaid, tuition waivers to any state university and more.  There are more than 420,000 children in the US who are in foster care due to abuse and neglect.  Many of them need someone like you to open your heart and your home and give them a safe, neutering and loving family; a place where they can feel like they belong and can call home.    More than 100,000 of the children are available for adoption and waiting to find their forever family.   Join us to learn more about fostering and adopting a child in foster care.

About the speaker:

Flora Beal is a professional communicator with more than 20 years of experience in public speaking, marketing, public relations and community affairs.  For more than 11 years, Beal has devoted her skills to the social services field, creating public awareness for our children’s needs and advocating for our community to come together and care for our kids.   

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